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Sep. 2nd, 2011

nine clubs

(no subject)

I just replied to an email from my father, we're gonna meet up for lunch this Sunday.

I have no idea how this will go down. I haven't seen or talked to him in 5 years, ever since my parents got divorced. Shit went down and I decided that his presence in my life was not necessary.

And, well, these years have gone very well. I have a very non-attaching nature, so that after a while without seeing someone I just tune out about their existence. But he's been really nagging my sister about meeting up with me, so I might as well do this. Time enough has gone by, I suppose.

Let's just wait and see how this goes.
nine clubs

One-track mind

I really need to start researching stuff for my Masters thesis. (It's on gamification and social networks.)


Srsly u guise, it's crazy. I can do nothing else in my life. I'm hardly playing games, reading books, even eating. Yesterday I had lunch 3 hours later than usual.


Wait. Don't. I can't research for the thesis without it.

This is me trying to ignore my crafty impulses and trying to study.

Aug. 30th, 2011

nine clubs

(no subject)

I suck at regular posts. :(

So! Unemployed life is AWESOME! I'm back to drawing and learning to use the sewing machine, pursuing my crafty dreams! I'm building a design collective with two other designer friends, we're planning all kinds of cute and cool products... I also purchased a domain to start putting my stuff and networking with other crafters and illustrators...

(Here is my deviantArt gallery, I created a new one to get rid of all the clutter)

Things feel so good right now!

I'm also co-teaching an undergrad game design class. It's... interesting, but definitely not my vocation. It doesn't help that right now I'm putting my game design career on hold while I explore new things...

So yeah... I'm really sorry to have put Livejournal aside these past months. :X This is such a nice place to write! Thanks to all the comments of support in the last post!

Aug. 4th, 2011

nine clubs

Aw man!

I was fired* today!

Well, I was kind of expecting it. But I DIDN'T expect them to fire* EIGHT PEOPLE at the same time. Hard times for the company, apparently.

But I was super hoping to get fired. Here in Brazil the labor laws are very strict, and when you get fired you get a bunch of money. And I wanted to take a few months off to learn some cool stuff and to improve my French.

So yeah! Yay! XD

(*forgive my non-native English and failure to grasp subtleties. It seems I was "laid off", and so was everyone else mentioned. WHO CARES, they just told us we don't work there anymore. XD)

Jun. 21st, 2011


News and things!

Urgh, I ate some bad sushi tonight. Usually a great place, but tonight it was just... urgh.

Anyway! Recently I started a little illustration project for my nephew (now 4 months old). I'm posting them online for now, but later on when I have enough I intend to print them out into a book for him. Here's the link: maxandwren.camiavellar.com

So, between this tiny project, work and the Imagine Cup game, things are pretty hectic! I'm preparing the presentation for the finals (OMG TETSUYA MIZUGUCHI IS ONE OF THE JUDGES SO AWESOME), it's tough work. Just knowing that this 20-minute presentation might is make-or-break... oh the anxiety!

On the good side of things, I'm trying to get a month off from work to go visit my sister in DC after the finals in NY. A month of chillaxing, having fun with baby nephew, and being awesome. Oh, and did I mention my favorite band will be playing nearby while I'm there?

So yeah, I'm looking forward to that a lot!

Well, gotta go sleep. Gotta be at the American consulate tomorrow at 6am to get my visa!

Good night!

Jun. 20th, 2011

nine clubs

Sorry for disappearing!

Life has been so hectic! Work was crazy until last week, tons of stuff to do with the imagine cup finals coming up, some personal projects on the way... I'll explain more tomorrow, it's almost midnight now!

Good night!

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May. 23rd, 2011

Dr Horrible

YAY, you guys!


They released the finalists for the Imagine Cup competition a couple of days early! WE'RE IN!!!

This means that we will get a trip to New York in July, to participate in the finals event! We could even WIN! :O

Here is a link to the finalists page. Ours is Team Replay. 

And here are the videos for our game!

An explanatory video, voiced by yours truly:

A more advertising-esque video:

I'm so excited! YAY! YAY YAY YAY YAY!

May. 21st, 2011


Pretty pretty pictures!

 Today I went to my mother's house for lunch. 

There, I picked up a package a friend had sent me in January. It arrived last week. Yay for the Brazilian post!

It was the most gorgeous book ever, full of pretty patterns and illustrations. I feel compelled to drop everything and go make some illustrations now! But I won't because it's hard to compare with those wonderful examples. :(

May. 18th, 2011


Random things of the day!

So, life goes on and I won't let the lack of the grant bother me any longer. I would still punch them if I could, though.

The day at work was pretty nice: nice focused work updating a few specifications documents and some translations. I really like days like this, when I have a very clear objectives and few interruptions. They are rare, though.

I need to stop biting my fingers. ASAP. It all started by biting my nails when I was little, then I got braces and couldn't bite them anymore. So I started biting my cuticles and that got out of control and now my whole fingertips are one terrible mess. My thumb is having a bad week, with all the stress I've subconsciously decided that it NEEDS TO DIE. I feel like an idiot for not being able to control this. The only way is bandaiding. My cuticles have receded so much in recent years, because of this.

In other useless news, tonight me and Claudio, my husband, did a bit of housecleaning. So we re-organized a bunch of stuff, and we ended up counting how many video game consoles and handhelds we have. Here we go, the list in no particular order:

Sinclair, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis*, Sega Mega Drive*, 2 Sega CDs, 2 3DOs, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Sega Saturn, Virtual Boy, Xbox, PS2, PS3, Xbox360, Wii, Zeebo**, DS, 2 DS Lites, DSi, GBA Micro.
*I know, both are the same but one is Brazilian and one is American
**Brazilian console

And of all those 25 videogames, the ones that are actually mine are a grand... two. One DS Lite and the DSi. What can I do, Claudio is just a major videogame enthusiast. I'm more of a buy, play and get rid of it after a few years person. He gets all worried when we talk about moving to Canada, "How will I take my videogames??" hahaha it's kind of adorable. Silly hubby, eBay is your friend!

Soooo off to sleep!


(no subject)

I am so pissed off right now.

I was selected for a study grant in March. Yay! More money! Until June 2010, people who had jobs (whatever job: full- or part-time) could not receive study grants. Then in July 2010, they reviewed the previous law, and decided that people COULD work and receive grants, as long as the work was related to the research. Yay! Mine was!

So I waited and waited and waited and finally, a grant for me. And then, two weeks ago, they decide that OOPS! It was all a big mistake! The previous law is only for people who FIRST have the grant and THEN start working! Yaaaay, bye bye grant! My professor cancelled my grant just in case something bad came of it.

That's enough to be pissed about.


I am so so so pissed off. I waited a full year for a grant that I should have had asap, having been first place in the graduate course selection, and after two months receiving the damn grant, it gets cancelled and then OOPS IT DIDN'T NEED TO SORRY PEEPS.

I could punch someone right now.

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